Personal IT Support

We pride ourselves in our ability to translate complex computer & tech jargon, into something that makes sense to real humans, like you.

Your Personal IT Department

At Local Nerd, our aim is to become your trusted advisor in all things technology.

Just as you have your personal trainer supporting your fitness goals, Local Nerd as your personal IT consultant will help to ensure that the technology in your life is fit for purpose, configured correctly, and most importantly, understood and usable by you. 

Why spend hours researching the best NBN provider, or how to block your kids internet access at bedtime, when you can just call your Local Nerd to get an answer tailored to your specific requirements. 

Things we've helped others with

There’s so much that we can help with that its almost impossible to list them all, particularly when everything we do is tailored to your specific needs. That said, here’s a list of things that we have helped other Personal IT Support clients with:

  • NBN recommendations,

  • poor wifi reception,

  • connecting printers to wifi,

  • kids internet restrictions,

  • Poor TV reception,

  • file backups, anti virus & hacking recovery,

  • general system maintenance,

  • smart home setup,

  • smart tv setup & casting pictures and videos to tv,

  • mesh wifi network configuration,

  • mobile phone training,

  • NBN alternatives,

  • and sssooooooo much more. 

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Whatever your tech needs, your Local Nerd can help.

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